Toddler-Preschool Age Daycare (French)

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High Quality Early Learning and Childcare

Our commitment is to provide an enjoyable, relaxed, friendly and nurturing environment in a professional, high quality licensed childcare setting.

Knowing that your child is safe, feels emotionally secure and experiences a sense of belonging in a small and personal group atmosphere will provide peace of mind.

Play and Learn

Our programs center on an emergent curriculum where learning through play and nurturing a positive sense of self are our main focus. 

Child initiated learning strategies are used to enhance the five developmental domains (Social, Emotional, Language, Cognitive and Physical).

Daily program plans are designed to provide a stimulating variety of activities in the arts, literacy, science, math, social studies and fine/gross motor skills, enhancing the development of each child.

Eligibility for the French program has been aligned with French language schools and is as follows:

French-language schools across Canada (outside Quebec) are intended for Canadian citizens who qualify under section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. According to section 23, the following people are eligible:

  • All children of a parent whose first language learned and still understood is French;
  • All children of a parent who received his or her primary school instruction in Canada in French*;
  • All children whose sibling has received or is receiving primary or secondary school instruction in Canada in French*.

*Instruction must take place in French first language; French immersion does not confer section 23 rights.


51 Academic Cresc., Kemptville Campus


613 258 9555




Toddler Program

  • children 18 months – 2½ years old

Preschool Program

  • children 2½ – 4 years old

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